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The ATEQ VT56 OBDII is a fully update-able, universal TPMS activation and scan tool, designed to interrogate and store sensor data and allow this data to be transferred to the vehicle via the OBDII socket. The VT56 has been designed for ease of use, featuring a 4.3 inch full-colour icon-driven display and 8 soft-keys to easily navigate through the menus.

Included within the software is a comprehensive database of vehicles, part numbers, relearn procedures, OBDII locations, a key fob RF tester, help screens and a complete history log of all vehicles serviced, which can be easily recalled at any point from the History menu.

This VT56 Kit comes complete with:

  • ATEQ VT56 Diagnostic Tool
  • ATEQ VT56 OBDII Interface Module
  • ATEQ VT56 Charger
  • ATEQ VT56 Ethernet Cable
  • ATEQ VT56 Hardened Carry Case




TPS (Tyre Pressure Service) is TEXA’s solution for tyre-related service operations. TPS boasts an exceptional coverage of makes and models as well as TEXA’s traditionally robust design and build quality.

Once you have selected the make and model of vehicle, TPS can dialogue with the valve sensors on each wheel. Placing the tool near the sensors allows you to activate them and check their efficiency even if they are in stand-by mode at the time. The tool’s own display reads out pressure, temperature and battery charge level (where available), as well as the relevant identification codes and all other diagnostic information provided by the vehicle manufacturer.











This TPMS Tool Kit contains all of the workshop tools required for servicing or replacing TPMS sensors.

This TPMS Tool Kit comes complete with:

  • Calibrated Torque Tool including:
    • 7mm Hex Socket
    • 11mm Hex Socket
    • 12mm Hex Socket
    • Torx 10 Bit
    • Torx 15 Bit
    • Torx 20 Bit
  • Valve Core Torque Tool
  • Grommet Removal Tool
  • T6 Torque Screwdriver





Allows TPMS sensors to be quickly and effectively pressurized and tested before fitting to the wheel and tyre assembly.







  • 72 Service Kits
  • 20 Bolt In Valves
  • 4 Snap In Valves
  • 25 Nickel Plated Valve Cores
  • 25 Pressure Seal TPMS Caps
  • Plastic Storage Container